Monday, September 12, 2011


After two months, I can finally start to see how well the blog is trending. Overall I like the numbers because I can see that I'm actually reaching some people with my words and -- possibly -- making a difference. I'd like to see more readers comment and discuss the various churches, but I am frankly pleased at how fast the blog has established an audience.
I haven't hit all 50 states yet, but I'm reaching both red and blue states, which is awesome. I'm tired of religion being considered a political issue; both believers and nonbelievers have tried to divide the nation through theology. You'll see none of that here.
I like the percentage of new visits vs. returning readers. More people are discovering me every week, and then many of them come back for more.
Facebook is clearly where the bulk of my readers are coming from (I created a fan page for the blog a few weeks ago). Direct traffic and G+ traffic makes up for most of the rest.
Perhaps the most encouraging of all the statistics is that people are actually reading what I wrote instead of just clicking away as soon as they've landed on the blog.

Thanks to everybody for all the support and interest. The journey has proven to be an interesting one for me, and I'm glad others are intrigued as well.

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